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Teachers and Students being happy at the sight of Large Clean Cooking Stoves
Teachers and Students being happy at the sight of Large Clean Cooking Stoves

HUDERES empowers villagers to end extreme poverty in North-Western of Tanzania, 120 Kms west of Bukoba municipal, Kagera Region.
We work in rural villages, mobilizing and training community groups to create their own solutions to problems and to bring an end to extreme poverty – Agriculture, Education, Health, Environmental Conservation and Sanitation.

HUDERES’ Main Goal:

Give A Goat and Take A Goat
Give A Goat and Take A Goat

Improving the productivity and empowering the local community to manage their own Natural sources through community participation in a sustainable way.

HUDERES Organization Mission:

Fighting poverty for local community through conservation of environment and Sustainable Agriculture.

HUDERES Objectives:

  1. To participate in relief response implementation programs upon occurring or at onset of disasters;
  2. To undertake mitigation of environment disasters by implementing environmental projects;
  3. To build capacity of youths and women who remain vulnerable and marginalized in society;
  4. Conduct social research and document findings for sharing with development stakeholders.
  5. Fight poverty from Women in the Kagera and Tanzania in general.
  6. Assisting Orphans.
  7. To provide Health Services.
  8. To support small scale Agriculture and improve agribusiness development in Karagwe.
  9. To conserve Environment.
  10. Improving survival, health and well-being of all community members through promoting primary health care; HIV/AIDS control and research.
  11. Improving infrastructure development, i.e. communication systems, school and health facilities.

HUDERES Activities:

  1. Preparation of tree Nursery
  2. Trainings on tree nursery management
  3. Supply of trees seedlings
  4. Tree planting, trainings and support
  5. Trainings on sustainable use of natural resources
  6. Distribution of seeds
  7. Construction and training of fuel saving cooking stoves
  8. Training farmer group
  9. Supply deworming tablets to the Children.

Environmental Management Programmes:

This includes promotion of renewable energy (Biogas, Clean Cook stoves, Solar), conserving the forests and, environmental education and capacity building for farmers in sustainable development.